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"Sustainability is no longer an option but it is still a choice"

Do you wish your new project to incorporate sustainability but unsure how to do so? Climate change is now a reality with sustainability hailed as the way forward to protect humanity, but where do you start? The available techniques are broad and complex. It is not just a matter of increasing insulation standards. The good news is that techniques are now well researched and increasingly affordable.

Honest Architects is committed to encouraging all clients to consider incorporating sustainable principles in their projects wherever possible. 

We will provide best advice to enable you to decide which aspects to implement.

Our Approach

To provide assurance of a good outcome and make your project as easy as possible.


The starting point is for your goals and priorities to be listened to and understood. 

Everyone’s objectives are different. For some it is to invest wisely to achieve good returns. For others it is to improve the quality of life in their own home or place of work.


You will be able to make speedy decisions based on competent appraisals which are key to effective outcomes.

They will enable you to assess opportunities and risks for your project to develop in an efficient, affordable and sustainable manner.


Design is more than producing a drawing. It is more than getting the right look or style. 

Good design will ensure that all of your objectives are achieved and explained to you in a way that is functional, economical, sustainable and works well


Implementing a project is a complex process and may seem daunting to you. 

This will be made manageable for you as we guide you through the process. Your life will be made easier as you experience the assurance our years of experience brings.


Your project will require input from various parties. Choosing the right specialists is an essential part of achieving a smooth and successful outcome. 

Our recommendations will reduce your workload and give you peace of mind wherever your project is.


Relating to multiple parties is complex and time consuming. 

Activities will be co-ordinated to minimise your workload and ensure the best outcome that aligns with your goals and objectives.



We provide a complete range of architectural services


A clear strategy to secure planning approval together with knowledge of planning policies will allow optimisation of your development. Permitted development will be encouraged where possible.


Your peace of mind will be assured by appropraite appraisals to ascertain that your project is practically and financially viable and that it will be able to gain all statutory approvals.


With the planet warming and legislation developing you will want to ensure that options for sustainable design are understood. A sensible and serious approach to sustainability invariably leads to an enhanced environmental quality.


Your investment goals will be understood. Our knowledge, as property investors ourselves, will reduce timescale and enable us to solve problems where they occur. You will also gain  access to a network of specialists including financing where required.

Architectural Design

Listening to your brief will allow us to understand your goals and introduce creativity to deliver a design that works well, looks good, feels good and improves the quality of your environment.

Project Management

Planning, monitoring and co-ordinating all aspects will reduce your workload and ensure delivery of a successful project. Communication will keep you fully informed throughout so provide confidence in the outcome.


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