Will my project be permitted development?

You may be wondering if your project will be classed as permitted development. If this is the case then you are exempt from the need to apply for planning permission.

Permitted development was first introduced in 2000 but has been substantially revised in the last few years. It is often calles a ‘light touch’ form of planning.

There are many categories of permitted development and each has it’s own set of stringent criteria that must be complied with. These cover constraints on size, height, proximity to boundaries, age of property, whether listed or not etc, The unwary can easily miss a criteria and so these should be checked against the legislation for each application.

Some categories of permitted development still need a submission to the local authority for certain aspects. This is known as prior approval.

The normal planning application process for commercial applications is notoriously tortuous with the outcome often uncertain, until the very l;ast moment when decided. There can also be numerous delays due to objections, local politics, negotiation of legal agreements or even just the inefficiency of the local authority. 

Permitted development de-risks the process.

For an investor there are significant advantages in developing within the constraints of permitted development as there is a far greater degree of certainty for getting planning approval and even more significantly a much greater certainty in terms of timescale. 

For a domestic applicant the process allows a wide range of extensions and alterations without the need for a planning application, providing the criteria are met. This reduces uncertainty and reduces timescale.

If you are wondering if your project will be deemed as permitted development we can provide an assessment for you for a nominal fee. This will confirm whether or not your proposals are permitted development, whether anmy application for prior approval is required. We will also recommend whether any other applications should be made to protect your future interests. If this would be of interest to you then click this link.