Will my project get planning permission?

Before making a major investment in a new project you will want to be assured that it is likely to gain planning approval and, preferably, to do so efficiently

The outcome of a planning application will be dependant on national and local planning policies. It may also be dependant on how a particular planning officer interprets those policies. At the commencemont of a project we will consider the brief for your project and review the relevant planning policies. We will also consider the outcome of other similar applications in the area. These will usually give a good indication of the manner in which your authority interpret planning policies

We will advise on the probability of a successful outcome and also explain the risks of a refusal. Although we can never guarantee that planning approval will be granted our experience means that we receive very few planning refusals.

We take a pro-active approach to ensuring a successful outcome. This will include advising you of any risks (policies that you may infringe, unpopular types of application, likelihood of community objections etc). We will then propose a strategy for navigating the system. We will work to present your scheme in the best light possible to the planning authority and make a case for it based on planning policies

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