Order a strategic planning assessment report?

Your project deserves the best attention to gain the highest probability of a successful outcome. You will be aware that the planning application stage can be the highest risk stage of a project which can lead to disappointment, thwarted plans and abortive costs.

It is imperative to consider carefully the risks that could lead to a planning refusal and develop a strategy that takes every step possible to mitigate against that possibility.

Your project requires a proactive approach to consider the implications of local planning policies, the past tendencies of the local authority and then propose an effective strategy to achieve your goals

We will recommend measures needed to gain the best chance of a successful planning application. We will also advise on the potential for neighbourhood objections and how best to handle them if they occur.

We will work to present your scheme in the best light possible to the planning authority and make a case demonstrating that your scheme complies with local planning policies. 

If you would like to gain some assurance that you are likely to receive planning approval for your proposal before making any significant commitment of expenditure and time then a planning assessment would give you that assurance and peace of mind.

If your project is for a single residence then we can implement a study and report for you for £150. You can order with this link

If your project is for a commercial premise up to 500 m2 or for multiple residences we can implement a study and report for £350. You can order with this link

If your project is larger than 500 m2 and you would like a no-commitment exploratory call to discuss your project then please  click here